Telephones Putes Ratisbonne

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Binderup - 6 June 22:31

Souhaiter qualitativement passer temps l’entreprise delicieux chatons. Je souhaite vous aider se reposer.

Elisa - 24 February 14:19

Ici plus bellissima putains: chic et mince poupées et soignée putains.

Connie - 6 October 18:35

I remember The first time they showed the Karate Kid on TV and they censored out the word sucks.

Tracy - 4 June 14:50

Женщина красота ! Кидай собственного друга, который может заниматься лишь мастурбацией. Что он отдал для тебя ? А ты ведь так желала, и так старалась ему посодействовать. Иди ко мне !!!

Olesen - 18 July 21:53

Are you American? Most boys are circumcised in America, but in the rest of the world, it's considered pretty inhumane. Just because you've never met anyone bothered by circumcision doesn't mean it's not harmful. And maybe you shouldn't attribute intelligence to only people who agree with you on a controversial topic. Also, hair grows back. Foreskin doesn't. You're chopping off part of a person's body without their permission.

Taylor - 29 July 21:00

I specifically remember seeing a lady falling down on a parking lot from inside my car. I did hesitate, so the barrier was still there for me, but I got up eventually (after about 3-5 seconds). By the time I opened my seatbelt, someone else had arrived to help. :)